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The Love Experiment: Day One

26 Apr
Is it love worthy?

Is it love worthy?

Day One of the experiment to love everyone started out rocky. The lady in the Camry just sat there, when she had plenty of opportunity to turn right on red. Behind her, I waved and pleaded. Suddenly she took off and I was right behind her.

Then I remembered that I loved her. Felt ashamed of thinking of her in those terms of backward, low IQ, cell phone addled chickie. Sorry.

When I got to work, everyone I met I mentally told them I loved them. I’ve been at this job only two weeks, so I don’t know how these people act over the long term. Over the short term, they’re hard working and friendly. Today, as I mentally loved them, they were extra friendly and smiling.

Of course, it was Friday. That alone can make most of us feel better.

At Costco, when I sent a love vibe to the Direct TV salesman, he smiled and didn’t try to sell me. A lady offered to let me break in line in front of her because I only had a few items — and I hadn’t mentally loved her yet. I wonder if I’m sending off love vibes in a wake that catches anyone close by.

Today was a pleasant day. Worked hard, but no people problems. Maybe all they need is love. Will try loving all again tomorrow and report back. Is anyone else trying this experiment with me?