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10 Observations from the Love Experiment

5 May

For seven days last week I experimented with saying “I love you” mentally to everyone I met. Here are my observations:

  1. It’s easier to love everyone when everyone you meet is worth loving. Wasn’t challenged with truly nasty people.
  2. It’s easier to love everyone when old nemesis stay in the past where they belong.
  3. To love everyone requires the love sender to be wide awake, truly alive and aware.
  4. It’s easier to mentally love strangers or mere acquaintances. Family and friends come with complicated feelings where love is just part of the stew.
  5. Sending loving thoughts can be exhausting.
  6. Sometimes being nice is enough.
  7. Sending out loving thoughts seems to boomerang. There were times when I was receiving warmth and acceptance before I had sent my loving thoughts.
  8. Loving thoughts lead to loving actions. Love leads to caring, even if it’s only a compliment sincerely given.
  9. Loving everyone leads to mellowness and lower blood pressure.
  10. Loving everyone all the time may not be possible because many of us live too much in the future, thinking about our to-do lists. But being nice is doable, even to nasty people, most of the time.