To Happily Network, Change Channels Frequently

15 Apr

The boomer living one time can get caught in a rut of the solitude of home and busyness of work. So you the single boomer must network, and we’re not talking about the phony go-to-a-reception-and-trade-business-cards with some passing stranger. You need to build community, and the best way to do that is to change channels frequently. Fight the rut.

Think of networking as TV channels with hundreds of choices. Choose a handful and get involved intimately. And before you get too comfortable, change the channel. Challenge yourself. Avoid ruts and boredom. (And if the channel you’ve selected is having an off day, you the single boomer can just go home and do as you please!)

Here are some channels to try:

  • CBS, the grandfather of networks, represents family, the kind you’re actually related to by genes and marriage. Family provides the most consistent community, so nurture those roots.
  • NBC, once the king of sitcoms that featured friends (“Friends” or “Seinfeld”), stands for your friends right now, the ones who will join you at the neighborhood bar with last minute notice. These folks are golden. Cherish them.
  • ABC, ¬†the third network, started in my childhood showing reruns of “The Little Rascals” and the original “Mickey Mouse Club.” (RIP, Annette.) And I would stop and watch either one right now. These old friends are so comfortable that years can pass between visits yet it’s like no time at all. These people are life’s blessings. Call one when you need someone to talk to.
  • CSPAN covers government in a boring non-shouty way. Wouldn’t it be nice to have acquaintances to talk about current events and issues without shouting? Way too much judge-y shouting in this uncouth world. How wonderful to find friends open to ideas different from theirs or yours, with whom you can take an issue to different conclusions. When you find this channel, invite me.
  • TLC, The Learning Channel, is home to “What Not to Wear” and “Honey Boo Boo.” Opinionated people with good taste or loud people with poor taste provide entertainment. They’re fun to know and spend time with in short bursts. Enjoy them, briefly, then change channels.
  • TCM, Turner Classic Movies or any old movie channel, brings old values and good dialogue and songs you can sing to. They represent classic values that can be found in a community of faith or service. Visit the channel regularly that soothes your soul and encourages your natural urge to serve others.
  • ESPN, the sports channel, represents moving your body. You’ve got a body, so move it. And it’s more fun to do with others, whether it’s basketball or zumba. Play. Have fun. Move. Your mind will be better for it.
  • The SyFy channel, where science fiction and fantasy appear, is where your virtual friends belong. Do you have online buddies that you’ve never met? These virtual tribes usually grow out of a mutual interest. They add spice to life. The only drawback is the introverted may get lost there and forego touchable humans.

So, what channels have I left out for the single boomer in search of community?

2 Responses to “To Happily Network, Change Channels Frequently”

  1. suzanne knight April 16, 2013 at 2:19 pm #

    HBO–creative people who push boundaries and take you somewhere unique.

  2. kjconsult April 17, 2013 at 9:53 am #

    Awesome, Jane!! Love it!

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