Top 10 Best Things About One Time (Single Living)

11 Apr

10.  You can drink milk directly from the jug. Seriously, you’re mother isn’t watching. Go ahead and save the glass for guests.

9.  You can sing any place in the house — not just in the shower — and you won’t be disturbing anyone except the cat.

8.  You control the bathroom. Men can keep the seat up and women can spread their potions all over the counter, using both sinks at the same time.

7.  No sharing required. The shampoo and the newspaper are yours alone to do as you please.

6. You can watch the lamest TV show or soppy old movie without comment from the culture cops.

5. Celebrate paying the bills on time — or any other mundane goal — by eating off the good china. You’re worth it.

4. Snore without waking, because no one is there to elbow you awake.

3. Buy the car or sofa you want. If you can afford it, you can buy it without negotiating or compromising your wishes.

2. Take a chance. Make mistakes. Strive to live without regrets. Because now you have no excuses or blame to share.

And the very best thing about One Time:

1. Life without judgment, without “I told you so” or glee when you falter. Pursue your dreams with passion knowing the only one who you will disappoint is you if you don’t.

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