Single Adult Boomer? Congratulations!

7 Apr

If almost half of the adults in this country are living alone, and living longer alone, let’s celebrate it. Embrace the single life!

The mission of this blog is to focus on the art of living alone within a community. We may be alone at home, embracing our solitude, but we live and work with others. For our own happiness and value to society, we work and play with other humans. Other people enrich our live. We love and we loathe. Isn’t life fun?

In the weeks ahead we will explore the singe life from a decidedly middle-aged point of view. If you’re a youngster looking for a hook-up, move on. All ages are welcome to join in this discussion, but the topics will trend boomer.

Most of us have lived with others at one time in our adult lives, but death, divorce or grown-up kids find us living alone. Isn’t it an awesome relief to eat whenever, listen to whatever music, as loud as we want?

Alone doesn’t mean lonely, any more than coupled prevents loneliness. Some of us remember being coupled as one of the most lonely times of life. We will look into that in more detail in the future.

As for me, I’m a boomer, divorced more than 20 years, mother to grown-ups. At the moment I’m not involved in a romantic relationship, but I’m open to it. The older we get, the greater the gap between relationships. Again, I’ve just accepted this. Romance is part of the challenge of solo living. More to come about that later.

A recent upheaval in my career gave me opportunity to pause and remember what made me happy. Back before the invention of the Internet, I was a feature writer for newspapers. I worked hard to connect with readers, to make them think or feel about a personality or a topic. Now that newspapers are dying (and the country will be poorer for it), it’s time for me to connect with readers again. This time I’m writer, editor and publisher. How cool/scary is that?

Even if you’re not living alone, join us. Ultimately, we’re all alone as we move through this life. Community can begin right here, right now. Welcome!

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